What is Yellow Tanzanite?

Yellow exists in Zoisite.  Not typically pure in color usually exhibiting secondary green and or blue color.  A gem for the collector as many other gems have a more desirable yellow color. So is Tanzanite heated to become this color? No, it's actually found in the mines this color. It's very rare, as you almost always only see purple and blue Tanzanite.

Courtesy of MineralShows.com

Yellow Tanzanite Found During the November 2014 Trip to Tanzania

Steve Moriarty returned from his recent trip to Tanzania in November 2014 (Learn more about his trip here). During this trip, he brought back some stunning yellow Tanzanite rough and an amazing yellow Tanzanite stone which he cut while in Tanzania. Below is a picture of some of the different colored Tanzanite Steve brought back, which includes lavender, orange, green and of course, yellow.

yellow tanzanite

All these colors will soon be available on our website. If you have questions about ordering Tanzanite in more rare colors like yellow, please contact Steve Moriarty at 800-348-4499800-348-4499.

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