Tanzanite Rough and Dichroism

April 02, 2018

In this video Steve Moriarty discusses Tanzanite Dichroism. He describes the different colors that can be seen in Tanzanite and how it relates to Dichroism. See a Tanzanite that's not quite completed and still in the cutting stage, still on the cutting machine.


Now, this is a tanzanite that's still on the dock. We're about halfway through cutting it. We've cut the pavilion, and it's a very good example of dichroism in tanzanite. 

What you're seeing are coming up would be the air, the B axis. In the dichroscope it shows purple and yellow. And the next axis would be the C axis, and its colors in the dichroscope are blue and yellow. The one axis, we're not seeing which is the air, the B axis, and it would be blue and purple in the dichroscope, and that color would be directly down through the table of this stone that's attached directly to the dock.

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