Looking at Tanzanite

During Steve Moriarty's last trip to Tanzania (learn more here) in November of 2014, he purchased many pieces of rough Tanzanite, which is sometimes called 'raw' Tanzanite. This is when Tanzanite has not yet been cut yet and has just been found in the mines.

gemstones in tanzania


Because there is a limit to how much and how big of a rough Tanzanite gemstone you can bring back from Tanzania, much of the rough Steve Moriarty cut there in Tanzania. Some of the dealers he met allowed him to use their cutting machines in their shop to cut and polish the raw stones allowing him to bring back more to the United States than he would be able to in their previous form.

Steve Moriarty Cutting Tanzanite in Tanzania

Tanzania Gem Cutting

It's also cheaper to buy these stones in the rough than cut. This is because you then have to pay for the labor to cut them. Because Steve Moriarty is a gemcutter, this not only allows us to see you Tanzanite at a cheaper price, but it also allows him to cut it the way he wants, which turns out to 99% of the time be a better stone as well.

Steve heating up Tanzanite

Why Don't You See More Rough or Raw Stones?

Most of the Tanzanite you see in shops has been delivered to those shops already cut and polished. Here at Tanzanite Jewelry Designs, we not only have the finished gemstones, but also a ton of raw gemstones because Steve Moriarty enjoys cutting them in our retail store in Crown Point, IN. If you are ever interested in seeing Tanzanite in the raw form, please stop by our shop and Steve would love to show you what your Tanzanite looks like before it's all cut and polished and ready to be worn.

Buying Tanzanite in Tanzania


In this video, Steve Moriarty talks about how to grade Tanzanite gemstones. Many people think there is a just an A, AA, AAA grading system with Tanzanite, but that is not really enough. Steve takes the extra steps when grading Tanzanite to make sure you are getting the best stone and the proper grade.