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Visit our store in Crown Point, Indiana! Only about 30 miles outside Chicago!

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Recommended by The Tanzanite Foundation for being a company to buy ethical Tanzanite.

The Tanzanite Foundation is a non-profit, industry supported organisation, dedicated to protecting and promoting Tanzanite. It acts on behalf of all ethical and socially responsible operators and partners in the Tanzanite Industry and implements standardised methods of practice and conduct. The Foundation seeks to deliver a truly ethical route to market in accordance with the Tucson Tanzanite Protocols.The Tanzanite Foundation was formed by TanzaniteOne - the worlds largest ethical miners of Tanzanite and major Tanzanite industry organisations in 2003. A portion of all TanzaniteOne's sales go towards funding The Tanzanite Foundation.

You can rest assured we are not a web-only company! We have had a retail jewelry store in Crown Point for over 19 years. Want to come visit? We are located at 126 South Main St in Crown Point, IN. Or call us at 1-800-348-4499.

Steve Moriarty


Steve Moriarty - Owner, Gem Cutter and World Traveler

This is Steve Moriarty, co-owner of Moriarty's Gem Art (Mothersfamilyrings.com). This is a family run business that has been in the jewelry business since 1975. They have a retail jewelry store in Crown Point, IN where they have been for over 15 years. So when you purchase your jewelry from MothersFamilyRings.com, you are buying from an actual family run business, not just an Internet store. Steve has been a gemcutter over 25 years so you are guaranteed that your birthstones will have the most brilliance and best cut...over anything else you will find online or in your local jewelry store. Steve also travels all over the globe for his gemstones, purchasing them in rough form and cutting them when he returns to the USA.

Nancy Moriarty


Nancy Moriarty - Owner, Fraud Prevention & Customer Service

Nancy Moriarty is the co-owner of Moriarty's Gem Art (MothersFamilyRings.com). She has been in the jewelry business for over 15 years now and is the glue that holds the family business together. She handles everything from the finances, to the fraud prevention, to working with customers to making sure that your ring is presented beautifully when you open it for the first time! If you call in with any questions, many times you will be speaking with Nancy. Before any item is shipped out, she reviews the piece to make sure everything is perfect. 

 Larry Moriarty 


Larry Moriarty - Master Bench Jeweler & Gem Cutter

 Larry Moriarty is the brother of Steve Moriarty. He has been in the jewelry trade for just as long as Steve. Together they have more than 50 years of experience in the jewelry business. Larry is in charge of repairs, setting and polishing all the jewelry. Every piece of jewelry that is created at MothersFamilyRings.com goes through his hands. With custom work, he is the one preparing the wax models for casting and the casting itself. He makes sure all setting work is perfect and item is perfect before polishing it up. He is also a gem cutter, and many of the stones in our shop were created by him. So he makes sure each stone going into your piece is of top color and quality.

 Christopher Michael Moriarty 


Christopher Michael Moriarty - Jewelry Designer

Almost every mother's ring and pendant on this site was designed by Christopher Michael Moriarty. He is master jewelry designer and has one numerous awards for his design work. If you come into our retail store, you will see 100's of custom designs that started from scratch from his pencil. One of his favorite designs, he was the Gemvision Design contest and explains here how he came up with the unique design. If you have something in mind that you don't see on our website, call us and Christopher can come up with a one-of-kind design just for you.

Michael Moriarty mothers rings


Michael Moriarty - Bench Jeweler & Marketing

Michael Moriarty, the son of the owners, Steve and Nancy Moriarty, has been a setter and goldsmith at Moriarty's Gem Art for over 10 years now. Michael is a master bench jeweler with the ability and experience to set gemstones and diamonds of all shapes and sizes. He attended the New Approach School for Jewelers and was certified in the Stone Setting Comprehensive Course. He also may be the one sizing your ring and putting the finishing touches on it so it arrives to you looking amazing. And if you if ever send it back to us to get it polished up and checked, he will be handling that as well for you. If you love all the pictures of the jewelry on our website, you can thank him as well for that. If you ever have any questions on our Facebook page, Michael handles it and will be happy to answer your questions.

 Jeff Moriarty 


Jeff Moriarty - Marketing & Website Development

Jeff Moriarty is the older son of Nancy and Steve Moriarty; brother to Michael Moriarty. He got the travel bug from his father and does a lot of exploring of the globe. While he is in the US, he is handling the marketing and website development for this website, as well as our other websites. He is also the reason you found us! If you have any questions on this website or recommendations for it, Jeff Moriarty is the one you can speak to. He is not always in the shop, but lives just one state over outside of Chicago.

Mike Schuttrow


Mike Schuttrow - Jeweler & Chief Sales Representative

Mike Schuttrow has been working at Moriarty's Gem Art for 9 years now. He has been in the jewelry business for a whopping 35 years! He is in charge of receiving and taking the online and phone orders, then fulfilling them, putting together all the gemstones for your purchase, and making sure everything is finished correctly in time for delivery. If you place an order over the phone or are in contact with us through email, Mike is most likely the one you are speaking with. If you have any questions about your order, you can talk with Mike!



Alice Reynolds - Gemologist

Alice Reynolds is a gradulate gemologist from GIA, which is the Gemological Institute of America. She handles all the quality control on the gemstones, jewelry andd everything else being shipped out of the store. She also handles the appraisals on all the jewelry sold in our store and online. You may even speak with her if you come into our store or order online, as she works in thr retail sales side as well.

 Margaret Corley


Margaret Corley - Master Jeweler

Margaret Corley has been in the jewerlry industry for over 20 years now. From selling jewelry to setting work, she has done it all. She has been with Moriarty's Gem Art for a couple years and works in the shop area with Larry Moriarty and Michael Moriarty. She handles much of the setting work, polishing, sizing of rings, repairs and finishing work before you items go out for shipping.

Moriarty's Gem Travel

With 35 years in the business, world travel to Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, and Madagascar, Moriarty's have been recognized in the trade as one of the finest gem cutters and jewelry designers in the United States. You can even read about some of Steve's latest travels to Madagascar and Tanzania on our site. Just in October of 2014, Steve Moriarty was in Tanzania bringing back more Tanzanite rough. You can learn more about his travels here.