How to Clean Tanzanite

cleaning your tanzanite

At Home

At home clean your tanzanite with a small brush or better yet an electric toothbrush and mild detergent attempting to get to the back of the stone if the mounting allows.  Stick the bristles into the mounting a wiggle to remove debris from the tanzanite. Rinse mounting and stone with cold to warm water.

With an Ultrasonic Cleaner

In general ultrasonic cleaners are safe but the cleaning solution should not be hot.  Ultrasonic is not recommended by most jewelers but we have never had an issue with this cleaner and tanzanite.  I am hesitant with large and expensive tanzanites but sometimes you have no choice. Never ever use steam cleaning devices that jewelers use on diamonds they will crack the tanzanite.  Sudden heat shock is the problem with steam cleaners and ultrasonics that naturally heat up during long term use.

Can I do This for All My Jewelry?

These cleaning techniques can be used for Tanzanite rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and loose gemstones. No matter the metal. Whether you jewelry is set in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. We don't recommend these same techniques for all jewelry, because each colored gemstone is different. Speak with us or your local jewelry about questions cleaning other types of gemstones.

I Am Still Concerned...

If you still don't trust cleaning it on your own, we recommend taking your Tanzanite to a local jeweler to get cleaned. They will know what can or cannot be done with your Tanzanite jewelry. The other option is to call us. We are experts in Tanzanite and would be happy to help answer any of the questions you may have with caring for and cleaning your Tanzanite.