Tanzanite Appraisal Services

Are you looking to have your own Tanzanite gemstones or Tanzanite jewelry appraised so you can find out the value of them? Did you know that our company offers in-house appraisal services by Graduate Gemologists from GIA, Alice Reynolds and the owner, Steve Moriarty? They will both be reviewing your item.

What Our Appraisals Include:

We will appraise both loose Tanzanite gemstones and Tanzanite jewelry.

Quality rating based on our new 0-1000 grading system including quality of colors in daylight and incandescent lighting. Clarity grade of all stones color grade of any diamonds. Cut quality rating including rating of overall brilliance, cut, polish and symmetry.

You can see what we look at in this video as well:


Costs of Tanzanite Appraisals

The cost is $100 for a gemstone appraisal and $125 for a piece of Tanzanite jewelry. This price includes us shipping the piece back to you insured with signature required.

Please note we cannot give you an estimate or appraisal over email or on the phone. We must see the item in person.

Time Frame for Appraisals

From the day we receive your item, we request three business days to complete the appraisal. We will then ship everything back to you insured with signature required.

If you are interested in having your Tanzanite gemstone or jewelry appraised by us, please call us at 800-348-4499 or email us at sales@tanzanitejewelrydesigns.com.

Thank you,

The Moriarty's Gem Art Team