September 21, 2018

Is Tanzanite the December Birthstone?

Tanzanite BirthstoneIn the classic birthstone chart, Tanzanite is not the birthstone for December. The actual birthstone for December is Blue Zircon, but you will see stones from Turquoise,  Blue Topaz, and Tanzanite. 

Tanzanite is one of the newest stones on the market, and because it is a shade of blue, many companies are using it as a birthstone for December. Blue Topaz is used by many chain jewelry stores because it is cheaper and the color is normally better for the price. Turquoise is also used sometimes, as many customers like the form that this stone comes in. But the official birthstone for December is Blue Zircon.

We are writing up this blog post in September, but we know that December is coming up quickly, and we will see this question even more than ever. So while you can use any of those birthstones for December (we won't tell), the official birthstone will always be Blue Zircon.

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