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Tanzanite Crystals

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More About Our Tanzanite Crystals

These are not your average Tanzanite crystals and raw stones. These raw Tanzanite crystals were brought back direct from the mines of Tanzania. The colors and crystal structures with all of them are amazing and of great quality. We hand select each piece looking for the best crystals we can get. Whether a collector using it as a display piece, for jewelry, or a person wanting to use it for healing properties, you can be assured your Tanzanite crystal will be a piece to be proud of.

Our collection of crystals is always being updated and new pieces are added regularly. Our family is hoping to travel to Tanzania very soon and we will be bringing back many more natural crystals direct from the mines with some amazing colors of blue, of purple and even some natural color violets & browns/diesel. Sign up for our newsletter to be alerted when we have new Tanzanite crystals in stock.