Green Tanzanite - What Is It?

About twenty years ago vivid green Tanzanite hit the market for a very short time.  This material was similar in color to chrome Tourmaline and was very attractive and quite valuable.  Material that is available today has a mix of yellow and or blue with the green and is not as desirable or as valuable.  This material is valued at a much less than the comparably sized blue violet Tanzanite and will not likely increase significantly in value as is expected for blue violet Tanzanite.  Sometimes referred to as  party color Tanzanite. If you are interest in purchasing Green Tanzanite.

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Latest Trip to Tanzania - We Found Green Tanzanite!

During Steve's recent trip to Tanzania, he brought back some stunning green Tanzanite, in addition to other colors. Learn more about the trip here.

Colors of Tanzanite

(These are Tanzanite gemstones in a variety of colors, including green)

Colored Tanzanite

(Tanzanite rough in a variety of colors, including green)