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What is Pink Tanzanite

One question we get here at Tanzanite Jewelry Designs is if Tanzanite exists outside of the normal blue/purple colors. And for some time I thought the only pink Tanzanite was thulite the massive form of Zoisite, the parent mineral of tanzanite.  Recently I have seen fine pink facetted tanzanite, more properly call Pink Zoisite.  The color is light to medium saturation looking similar to fine Pink Tourmaline.  What I have seen is only in sub carat sizes at prices 10 times that of the comparably sized blue violet Tanzanite.

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How rare is Pink Tanzanite?

Due to extreme rarity the value is determined by the seller and not based on a market value. That is why we cannot give you a price per carat on this color stone. We do run across this rare color every once in awhile, but it normally sells fairly quickly. If you do find this stone or we do have it available, you can easily set it into a ring, pendant or if you happen to run across a matched pair, they can be set into earrings as well. If you have any other questions about this stone or colors, I would be happy to help.


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It is rare that we come across Pink Tanzanite, but when we do, it will be listed here if you would like to check!