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Is Tanzanite a Good Investment?

It is only found in one area in the entire world.  The mining area is small around six square kilometers, and one day this area will stop producing as most mines do. 

Tanzanite One a publicly traded mining operation is attempting to control all mining in the area.  They own one block of the four mining blocks and actively buy from the local miners who control two of the other blocks.  Tanzanite one has implemented a pricing structure for tanzanite similar to that used by  De beers who has similar control of diamond.  I believe tanzanite one would be in control of the market if the economy had not fallen so suddenly in 2008.  If they get control the price of  larger and finer tanzanite in all sizes will rise significantly from current pricing.  We have worked to keep connected with Tanzanite One to assure we have a future in tanzanite should they control the market.  You can see our listing on the Tanzanite Foundation website which is the supported by Tanzanite One.

Final Reason to Invest

Third-The World market is changing quickly and soon the Asian market, 2.5 billion people in China and India alone, with their rapidly increasing upper and middle class will compete for fine gems.  They are part of the reason for recent increases in diamond prices which have increased from 20% to 30% since the end of 2010.  China in 2011 began to show interest in Tanzanite and pushed prices up 15% even though their economy was slow.   If the Chinese people take a greater interest in tanzanite they can deplete supply and increase the value of tanzanite overnight.

The popularity of tanzanite is second only to sapphire and it is actually number one in my colored gem market.  It is the only gem that I have ever seen where women desire and own five, six or more rings.  The color is mesmerizing and addicting.  The deepest colors are the most demanded and generally very difficult to find, but today top colors are available because the economy is slow particularly in the Caribbean where a high percentage of tanzanite is sold.