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What is Yellow Tanzanite: Value & Price

Yellow exists in Zoisite.  Not typically pure in color usually exhibiting secondary green and or blue color.  A gem for the collector as many other gems have a more desirable yellow color. While yellow Tanzanite does exist, it is extremely rare. We have been dealing in Tanzanite for over 20 years and have only ran into this color of Tanzanite less than a dozen times. When we do come into contact with this color, it normally sells quite quickly. And due to the rarity of yellow Tanzanite, the price per carat is set by the seller as there is no common carat price. it's definitely a sellers market when it comes to the yellow color. If you are looking for this color Tanzanite, please call or email us and we can definitely see if we can help find this rare and beautiful gemstone.


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