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Exquisite 200.27ct Rough Natural Tanzanite Crystal

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This amazing crystal has a outstanding deep blue violet color and a very interesting crystal growth. It looks as if two crystals have grown into one, with the smaller crystal sitting right in front. The tip of this piece has very good clarity and definitely adds to the beauty of this gem. If you shine a bright torch through the bottom of this crystal, it illuminates it into a bright and saturated color that is almost unbelievable! This big piece weighs just over 200 carats and makes an great display specimen. There are not many large crystals like this out there and I was excited to find this one and offer it to you!

Not only does this beautiful piece it hold value as a crystal, but this gemmy piece has been looked at by our cutter (Steve Moriarty) and he estimated that this crystal potentially holds 24 carats worth of facet grade cut gemstones inside. The cut gems would include two 8 carat stones, one 5 carat stone, a 2 carat stone, and a 1 carat stone. That being said, if you had to, it could be cut by a skilled gem cutter and potentially get this yield from it. The total estimated value for the cut stones would be $13,500 (wholesale price), with an appraised value of over $26,000.00! Note: Estimating yield from a piece of rough is not an exact science, so the finished gem weights could vary depending on the cutter and if there are any hidden issues that arise when cutting.

What does this mean? Well, this piece can be considered a crystal or cutting rough, so it would be a great investment crystal that has value in two areas of the gem industry. If you chose, it later could be fairly easily sold to a gem cutter (as rough) or as an outstanding Tanzanite Specimen to another mineral collector.

However you see it, it's a breathtaking piece that will look great in an collection! If you have any questions about this piece, please feel free to reach out.

  • Locality: Merelani Hills, Tanzania
  • Measurement: 41mm x 24mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 200.27ct
  • Color: Heated