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(HOLD FOR YK) Investment Quality Violet Blue Stepped Oval Tanzanite Gemstone 83.69ct*

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  • Tanzanite: 83.69 cts
  • Tanzanite Color: 10% Violet 90% Blue
  • Tanzanite Cut: Stepped Oval
  • Tanzanite Clarity: VS2
  • Tanzanite Size: 22 mm wide, 27.5 mm long, 19.1 mm deep
  • Tanzanite Quality: 975/1000
  • Cut by: Steve Moriarty

Yes its big... 83.69 carats big... the largest we have owned in more than a decade! Large tanzanites were once fairly common, but today, 50 carat plus gems have become rare.  Now, what do you get when you combine its size, sapphire blue color, a fine cut, and the overall the sheer beauty? A gem that we consider to be “The Worlds Finest Tanzanite”. As a primarily blue gem, it could easily be confused with sapphire (which would have a wholesale value of a million dollars)! If you're in the market for a piece like this, don't miss your opportunity to own this amazing gem.

It weighs 83.69 carats and was cut into a stepped oval. It has violet blue exceptional (10%/90%) color, VS2 clarity, a cut grade of excellent, measures 22 mm wide, 27.5 mm long, 19.1 mm deep, and has an excellent polish/excellent symmetry. The proportions of the tanzanite are as follows: total depth 86.8%, table width 40.5%.  The overall quality rating of this tanzanite is 975 out of 1000.  This Tanzanites is color was enhanced by heating.  Cut by Steve Moriarty.

Customize a Ring or Pendant with This Gemstone?

Did you know that we design custom Tanzanite jewelry? We would love to help you design the perfect piece of jewelry for this Tanzanite gemstone. Just email us or call us at 1-800-348-4499 to talk about what is possible.

Did you know that we design custom Tanzanite jewelry? We would love to help you design the perfect piece of jewelry for this Tanzanite gemstone. Just email us or call us at 1-219-662-1390 to talk about what is possible. See our previous custom designs here.

Want to design a piece of jewelry for this tanzanite?

Our family would love to design a one of a kind piece of jewelry for this tanzanite gemstone. It's what we do! Let us know what you are thinking and we can help you dream piece come to life. We are here to help you every step of the way.

no other jeweler goes as far for your tanzanite

Steve Moriarty travels to Tanzania for Tanzanite. Not only does he visit the miners at the Tanzanite mines, but buys the rough to bring back to the USA to cut himself.  These gemstones are the ones that we set in the jewelry featured here. What other jeweler goes this far to bring you the most amazing Tanzanite and custom jewelry?

Every piece of Tanzanite jewelry and gemstone from our family has so much work put into it. Don't just buy a gemstone, buy it for the story behind it.


I received the most beautiful pair of round tanzanite earrings in 2 days! I love them. I cannot say enough about this company and the attention I received from them. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in tanzanite.

- Jane

Excellent customer service. Received expert advice on my purchase. My new earrings are the most beautiful tanzanite gems I’ve ever seen. I look forward to purchasing more tanzanite jewelry from Tanzanite Designs.

- Audree

zero complaints! full praise! :) 
I bought my wife a pair of exceptional oval tanzanite and tsavorite accent earrings and we are extremely happy with the quality of the product. they are more beautiful than expected! my wife is thrilled to wear such high end, sparkly earrings.
the entire process was seamless and packaging was great. steve, thank you for the email and the rest of your crew for a wonderful experience!

- Guy

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